Moms deserve better than bathroom stalls and unlockable conference rooms or closets. Sounds reasonable right? Unfortunately in this country many nursing mothers heading back to work or out living their life have to deal with less-than-ideal places to pump. Stephanie Conduff found out first-hand while in law school how difficult this could be and decided to come up with a solution. Leche Lounge is a lactation suite that provides a solution to CEOs and governments to comply with the law while also watching the bottom line. Stephanie connected with ACB* while part of Project Entrepreneur to elevate the brand with an identity that matched her personality, represented her background and her mission to bring better solutions to all the moms out there returning to work after childbirth. She needed a brand that respected not only her sophisticated solution but also to inspire the women who would be using the spaces with something more than upside down boob smiley faces. 🙃

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